Colours and their Reflections

Colours and their Reflections

  • Red: Fame, Power, Authority, Warmth, Fuel anger.

Red colour is most dominating and stimulating of all colours. It is dynamic, strong, creative and irresistible. It is hot colour of blood and represent life and fire. It is a colour of love, anger, excitement and action. Planets Sun and Mars rules red colour. People preferring red colour are generally optimistic, enthusiastic with high spirits, generous and noble. Red colour gives boldness, drive, endurance and frankness. A person having great liking for red leads an adventurous life. Red is best used in rooms that invoke activity and excitement such as home gymnasium or a dance hall.

  • Orange: Aspirations, Sociability, Peace, Tranquillity

Orange is a mixture of two primary colours red and yellow, is ruled by Moon in astrology. It is a colour of high aspirations. It is a colour of life imparting a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Persons swayed by orange are intelligent, good-tempered, self sufficient and kind. Orange is energizing when bright, and cheering when light. In the home, orange is not preferred in its pure form. Its tints, peach, salmon, etc. can warm up chilly spaces and energize a workout room. It is a useful colour in rooms where people meet and talk. It is also a good choice for study room. Orange colour gives you the power of free thinking.

  • Yellow: Courage, Intellectuality, Optimism, Joy of living.

Yellow, the colour of fire with its quality of heat, is ruled by Mars and Jupiter. Yellow colour maintains thermal equilibrium of the human body. It denotes intellectuality and the scientific mind that overcomes ignorance. Yellow makes children active, energetic and creative. This is a good colour choice in the study room of a dull and lethargic child. Being the colour of Jupiter, it removes poverty and adversity. It is the colour of sunshine, youth, gladness and merriment. When used as a wall colour, yellow makes sunless rooms bright and cherry. Yellow is a good choice for rooms used for entertainment purposes as it lifts feelings of a room.

  • Green: Youth, Hope.

Green is ruled by the planet Mercury. Green is the colour of spring time, hope, nature, new born life, restlessness, and youthfulness. People preferring green colour hate to grow old. They are brisk and very quick in their activities. Green colour produces a clever nature, commercial ability and convincing speaker with an aptitude to speculate and gamble. Green is restful and peaceful, provides feelings of harmony and tranquillity. It becomes a good colour for any room used for relaxation and sleep. Green colour soothes the brain nerves and eliminates prevailing tensions and anxieties.

  • Blue: Vastness, Peace.

Blue is a colour of universe and is a cool colour. It is a colour of truth and calm. Colour of changing moods with shades. It is a colour of duty, devotions, independence and self-sufficiency. Blue is the colour of sky and oceans and thus represent growth. It is the colour of chastity, loyalty, peace and tranquillity and is very useful in bedrooms for enjoying quick and sound sleep. Light blue is a good choice for a prayer or meditation room. Darker blues aid in spiritual and intuition powers. Blue colour is related to the water. Different shades of blue colour are very effective in bathroom and toilet.

  • Indigo: Harmony, Beauty.

Indigo is a mixture of two primary colours i.e. red and blue, with higher proportion of blue and lesser of red. Indigo symbolise responsibility, balance and love. It indicates cheerfulness and brings light. It is a colour of sexual adventures and immortality. Venus, the representative planet of beauty, charm, joyfulness, relationships and merriment rules indigo. Avoid painting walls in this colour. Include this colour in your life in the form of bed sheets, towels and other articles of daily usage. It is the colour of artists and musicians. It bestows happy and harmonious life and general prosperity in life. This colour makes you upright, sympathetic, of magnetic personality, fond of ease, stubborn and practical. People loving this colour are usually friendly, popular, home loving and have a great desire for luxurious life.

  • Violet: Spirituality, Mysticism.

Violet is a mixture of two primary colours i.e. red and blue, with greater proportion of red. Planet Saturn, the planet of steadfastness, patience, economy, saving, endurance, self control and stability, rules it. It is a colour of sacrifice and perseverance. It is subdued, being calm to ensure victory and serious to produce melancholy. It is spiritual. In effect it symbolises innocence, penitence, mysterious and secret. Too much of violet makes a person lazy, lethargic and idle. This colour retards quick thinking as well as quick acting. Influence of violet makes a person responsible, accurate, precise and definite. Its influence checks all forms of extravagance and avoids waste. Excess of violet makes a person self centered and introvert and thus should be avoided

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