Remedies for Southeast

* If southeast corner is cut, place a lamp in this direction and keep it lit atleast for three hours to honour fire god. Alternatively, place a bigger size mirror (looking glass) on the eastern wall. It symbolically increases eastern area of your building. * Fill up the depression in the southeast with clear sand so that it is higher than northeast and northwest but lower than the southwest direction. * Cut in the southeast direction can be rectify by placing energy plate with pyra arrows. It virtually extends the southeast direction. * Grow edible flowers and vegetables thriving in the sun (sunflower, spinach, carrots, etc), herbs used as condiments in the kitchen (ginger, chilly, curry leaf plant, etc) or place decorative plants such as a money plant in a defective southeast direction. * Planting of flowers (Venus) – particularly white, indigo and pink coloured healthy flowers emitting good fragrance (Venus is the planet of beauty) will decrease the ill effects of southeast to a large extent. * Inside the house, southeast is full of rajas guna and is ideal for a kitchen, generator or fire related activities. In the southeast of any room, an open window for entry of solar rays throughout the day is best. In the absence of a window, light a bulb of orange red colour giving golden yellow light or light a salt lamp.

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