Remedies for Southwest

* The extension in the southwest direction brings unbearable difficulties. If southwest is increased in any manner, make it square by adding a conservatory. * Cut in the southwest direction can be rectify by placing energy plate with pyra arrows. It virtually extends the southwest direction. * Fill up the depression in the southwest with clear sand and make it is higher than all the directions. Keep the heaviest furniture in this direction. The highest level of southwest fills the person with confidence and puts him in a dominating position. * In the house or workplace, sit with your back to the southwest. To avoid poison (Rahu), keep your face towards Ishaan (northeast). In this way, we receive the strength and wisdom of our forefathers. * The wall of southwestern side should be made thicker and heavier with lesser openings in the form of doors and windows. * Southwest direction is perfect for building a rock garden or placement of heavy sculpture. * Indoor plants should be of heaviest type in this direction such as an indoor palm, rubber plant or umbrella tree planted in big heavy concrete pots. This direction is representative of earth so prefer using clay pots. Organic objects made of clay can also be displayed. * Keep a garlanded photo of dead family member on the southern wall of this area. * Couple of snakes made of lead, copper, silver, gold or steel should be buried in the foundation in the southwest direction with prayers while laying the foundation. It acts like a charm and cures the ill effects of southwest, appeasing Lord Rahu and Goddess Nairritya.

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